Infinite Worlds & Megastructures

InfiniWorlds allows you to create infinite, seamless world wrapping within a matter of minutes.  Just drag your prefabs into the slots, adjust the settings, and hit play!

Get it now on the Unity Asset Store!!/content/129300 

Coming Soon

Gravity Manipulation Gun

Inspired by the Gravity Gun of Half-Life and Portal.  This will integrate with any weapon you choose to use.  It will also function with portal systems.

Ninja Character Controller

High flying good time with wall running and shuriken throwing.

"Holes" Mobile Game Template

Inspired by the hit mobile game of the same name, this template will allow you to create games with similar functionality.

Multi-Leg Mech Controller

An IK driven controller for vehicles and characters with many legs!  From mechs to spiders, or whatever your imagination can come up with.

Spherical Gravity System

Need gravity to always pull an object towards another object, similar to the way planets pull objects in?  This has you covered.  Want to create a game where a character runs along a cylindrical pipe?  This has you covered.

First Person Puzzle Game Kit

With all the tools you need to create a first person puzzle game inspired by titles such as The Talos Principal, Manifold Garden, Epitasis, Portal, and more!